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Snow Valley Furniture takes great pride in showcasing the work of S.E. Guthrie since 1999.

We offer quality hand crafted mission style oak furniture, working very hard to be true to the classic designs of the great craftsman – early Stickley, Limbert, Roycroft and Lifetime Companies.

Following their lead in all our work whether it be a classic reproduction or an original piece.

Hand crafted to give the warmth and charm of an authentic period piece. Our furniture compliments fine antiques as well as contemporary furnishings. Hand-selected solid quarter sawn white oak. We use a very durable construction method-mortise and tenon joinery. All through tenons are pegged so the joint will never weaken. This furniture will become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.


S.E. Guthrie’s reproduction furniture designs are based on actual Arts and Crafts period pieces. His craftsmen are dedicated to the methods and designs of the old masters. They use the old joinery techniques – of the keyed, pinned, mortise, and through tenon joints. Each piece of furniture starts with the craftsman hand selecting the wood and working it right through to the hand rubbed finish. Using time tested techniques, our craftsmen are able to bring the individual pieces of wood together, giving the furniture

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a life of its own.

With the strength and beauty to stand the test of time, giving centuries of pleasure to generations to come. With this goal in mind it is our desire that you will find in our furniture what the old craftsman wanted us to see in their furniture so long ago. Giving our furniture innate beauty and unbelievable strength.

All our furniture has new old stock all flat blade and no zinc coating screws. Furniture is (branded) signed and numbered and comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity”.

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